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Hey guys. If you're free on Saturday night at about 6 pm, I'm having a birthday get-together at Fire and Ice at the Providence Place Mall! It'll be fun, please come. If you have a school ID you get a mjor discount on dinner too.

If you are gonna come and need a ride, let me know. :)
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Well, i can ask if i can have the night off, but i really don't think so. or maybe work till like 5:30. Wally seems to be back, if only to stand behind the counter.

I'll talk to him about it tomorrow, but no promises.
and i'll have to dig up my umass id. i know it's still around somewhere. >_<

i so need to just clean my room, but whenever i have the time i just want to sleep. uhg, i need time off from life.

...yeah, this almost turned into a full update for me. gunna go find some game to play or something.