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If we started a band.

You can only fit five, so I picked by seniority.

By limitedbythesky

The Losers Stats

Formed: 29th June 2005
Split: 21st September 2010
Best Album: 'Humphing Sliest' 7/10 in the NME
Best Single: 'Durns' 8/10 in the NME (Single of the Week 2nd January 2009.)
Records Sold: 497,263 in total (228,826 albums, 268,437 singles).
Reputation: Regional
Groupies: cyren has the remarkable tendancy to come on tour more than a lifetime of roadies.
OtherThe Losers were denied access to perform 'Unheated Supplely' on BBC1's Top of the Pops in case it sparked a riot. It really was that bad

The Losers Member Profiles


High pitched, utter, off key shite. No we're not talking about Thom Yorke. We're on about tsuchann!


Absolutely fucking absymal. Ball-rippingly terrible. Shit smearingly......shite. scaredstiff is all of these and more.

Constantly out of tune and rhythm, limey_flavored is definitely a candidate for 'Best Two Fingered Bassist' in
the music industry.

percylove's beats are as regular as a teenage girl with a limescale coated washing machine drum for a womb.

Talented, innovative and passionate. These are all words you'd use to describe sassyfrass17's musical ability if you were on 20 E's and a litre bottle of scotch.

Single Releases

# Title Date
16 Decadent Curares Cremate Agouties Builder Sep 2005
25 Wedeln Sokol Nov 2005
25 Abbes Coiffe Althorns Gorgons Dec 2005
17 Guanidin Motives Aholds Feb 2006
20 Agenized Antitype Buckeen Lezzy Bulgurs Apr 2007
22 Exequial Jul 2007
25 Deluge Alights Wariness Aug 2007
9 Durns Jan 2009
13 Lyssa Mar 2009
11 Dibbling Hutzpahs Indeed Beriming Jun 2009
23 Unheated Supplely Jul 2009

Album Releases

# Title Date
30 Humphing Sliest Jun 2005
19 Oldster Deafen Cool Isozyme Mar 2007
20 Cohosts Spankers Dec 2008

northern ireland's worst

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